Our global SI partner saw an 83% decrease in production bugs in their code when they implemented CodeScan.

Our global app innovation partner says "With CodeScan, we are able to save up to a third of development work annually, with a better, more reliable result."

Another of our customers found that "When well implemented, peer review requirements can be reduced by more than 50%"

Project Insight

Do you feel like you can't control the quality of your Salesforce project? Are you missing out on straightforward, unbiased, real-time progress reports?

CodeScan gives it to you how it is - with straight forward, objective visual reports. Knowledge is security and with CodeScan, knowledge is always at your fingertips.

Make Salesforce coding fun

Let's face it, when your organisation has been around for a while, has had a bunch of different developers working on it or you inherit the code from someone else, it tends to develop a bit of cruft and starts looking like a dog's breakfast. Not fun, I can tell you!

CodeScan helps you identify the disgusting gummy bits in the far corners of your code base. Then it helps you and your team to write better code.

When you have better code, coding is fun!


rich visual reporting
Over 225 coding violation rules
static analysis to identify bugs
metrics, complexity and tech debt
run tests nightly and create alerts
timelines to see change over time
ability to create your own rules


CodeScan is a plugin for SonarQube, so it inherits all the power of SonarQube's awesome platform. You can set up a time plan, assign tasks to users, configure the rules you use and much, much more.

And the good news is, SonarQube also has plugins for many other languages, so you can analyse your entire company's portfolio from one place!

On-Premise Single-Project
$1,400 / year / 'code block'
$140 / month / 'code block'
  • Annual Commitment
  • Ideal for smaller development teams
On-Premise Multi-Project
$2,800 / year / 'code block'
$280 / month / 'code block'
  • Annual Commitment
  • Ideal for environments with multiple sandboxes
  • Requires an On-Premise License

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Village Chief Pty Ltd CodeScan CodeScan logo The VillageChief Apex and Visual Force Code Quality tools are the only tools to manage code quality for the Force.com platform. It offers rich visual reporting, lots of metrics, and time-lines to track improvements. Find a good overview of how CodeScan works here.