Why CodeScan?

Good quality code is a critical aspect of developing and maintaining a Salesforce org. You need to constantly review your team’s code to keep up quality.

To reduce the total cost of ownership of your org, it’s very important to maintain simple, readable and ultimately maintainable high quality code.

What is CodeScan?

The VillageChief Apex and Visual Force Code Quality tools are the only tools to manage code quality for the Force.com platform. It offers rich visual reporting, lots of metrics, and time-lines to track improvements.

The Enterprise version can also be used as a continuous integration (CI) tool to continuously run tests on your Salesforce or Force.com Apex unit tests.

CodeScan is a plugin for SonarQube and runs over 225 different checks on your Apex and VisualForce code.

CodeScan helps you to do this with:

  • rich visual reporting – built on top of the popular SonarQube platform
  • 225+ coding violation rules
  • static analysis to identify bugs
  • lots of metrics including complexity and technical debt
  • ability to run tests nightly and create alerts when a test fails
  • timelines to see change over time
  • ability to build your own rules with XPath

Get metrics for:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Code Duplication
  • Unit Tests
  • Complexity
  • Potential Bugs
  • Coding Rules/Guidelines
  • Comments
  • Features

Next Steps

CodeScan documentation

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